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Up to 75% savings on heating and cooling costs? Yes, guaranteed!


We absolutely can guarantee you a home that's more durable, healthier, thermally and energy efficient than the industry norm for new houses.


With our ‘way beyond code requirements’ energy saving design and construction products, we can now offer you a true NZ building industry first! Many firms have Master Builder Guarantees (so do we) and warrantees as to workmanship. (Again, so do we) The question which should be asked is: What do those guarantees or warrantees offer the home-builder in value after the house has been completed, or 10-20 years later? Most guarantees cover the client's deposit, or some aspects relating to the structure of the building or the workmanship of the builders. These are all good guarantees, but offer the client almost no value once the building has been completed and is being lived in, especially beyond the 10 years after construction has been completed.


We can now offer our clients something completely different: An Energy Saving Performance Guarantee. We can all guarantee our workmanship, or warrantee certain materials in a house. What no-one's doing now, is offering a complete Building Energy Efficiency Performance Guarantee. In this day and age, where heating and cooling costs have been sky-rocketing, it would make sense to consider how energy efficient your new home will be. You need to ask yourself: Will my designer and/or builder guarantee the performance of my new home?  In very broad terms, what this means is that we will guarantee you a home that is easier to heat in winter and easier to cool in summer, at very little additional initial cost. Further, we can measure the performance of the home and provide you with a Performance Rating, which will provide you with the means to measure how well your building is performing when compared with other buildings.


So, why do you need it? The big difference is that we can offer you up 50%* cost savings as to the purchase of heating and cooling appliances, at construction time and up to 75% energy cost savings* throughout the life of the building. This is especially important to clients who are looking to build a long-term family home or a retirement home. We'll save you thousands & thousands of dollars over the life of the house. Yes, incorporating the products into the construction of a new home does cost a bit more, but the pay-back is immediate in terms of heating/cooling appliance purchase and operation cost. And what's more, you're looking at considerably improved health benefits from better indoor air quality, by incorporating the whole system.


If you're thinking of building - remember that building code compliant does not necessarily ensure energy efficiency. You may have taken the cost to heat or cool a house for granted. We can do much better than your average builder, and will do this by taking a complete systems based approach. Furthermore, the technology will work with any one of our current designs, and, in most cases do not cost more to install, because of the savings that can be achieved in other areas.**


So, if you would like to know more and want to find out how we can absolutely guarantee to save you money*** please feel free to give me a call, or pop me an e-mail and I'd be happy to schedule a meeting to explain what we can do for you.


This is not trickery - We absolutely can guarantee you a home that's much more durable, healthier, thermally and energy efficient than the industry norm.


*Comparing well insulated new homes with a well built new home using a proprietary system approach. Based upon the heating requirements for a home, based upon 55W / m3.

** When comparing costs of heat pumps, ventilation systems, door and window joinery and lighting.

*** We can offer this performance of your building guarantee because it's underwritten by the product manufacturer's worldwide insurance.







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