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Architectural Design Service, Building Permit Ready Plans and Documentation, Design and Construction, Pre-Land-Purchase Advice, Price your Plans - Construction only, Project Management, Development Planning Liaison, Architectural Guideline Documents, Free Consultations, Restoration and / or Renovation Advice


Architectural Design Service: We usually design specifically for each client but, you can also start with one of our standard plans and modify that to suit your needs. When designing a new home, there’s many different things to be considered, far more than your average draftsperson usually considers: We will design specifically for your needs and your site requirements, consider orientation to North, wind directions, views, shading and other environmental factors. We will work with you to establish your lifestyle requirements, accommodation needs and once we have gathered this information we can design a home for you which is not only ‘Timeless in Design’, but which suits your needs exactly. Our experienced design team can provide you with design advice for New Homes, Alterations and Additions, Renovations, Restoration, Specialised Lighting Design, Interior Fit-out, Kitchen and Bathroom design, Hospitality design (Home-stays, hotels, motels, B&B’s), Commercial and Private Wine Storage, Wineries, Commercial Kitchens and more. We love houses – old and new, so will happily help you realise your home design and building dream. We work in any design style you require. We have many, many years of experience with more traditional architectural styles. You may like the simplicity of Georgian symmetry; Neo-classical such as made popular by American Architect, Michael Graves; Victorian lace, Edwardian grandeur, Gothic or transitional Villa styles; Cape Dutch, farm cottage or ‘cuddy’. We specialize in really authentic looking traditional styles but also enjoy working with a modern simplified classical style. This is where the design follows traditional stylistic shapes, but with a modern interpretation. This style could be a villa style with little or no fretwork or a traditional pitched roof farm house with simple finishes and modernistic decorative features. You may wish to gather photographs or clippings from magazines to help our designers ‘see your vision’. We do not, of course, only design in Traditional styles. Nor, do we only design and build dwellings. The images below show a variety of styles and shows domestic and commercial projects, some design only, some designed and built.

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Building Permit Ready Plans and Documentation: If you build with us, we will provide your Building Permit Ready Plans Free of Charge! We must have certain work done by Engineers and other consultants, and those costs will be on-charged, but, other than those costs, your Building Permit Ready Plans will be prepared at no cost to you, if you build with Timeless Homes Limited.

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Design and Construction: As Registered Master Builders, who better to build your perfect new home than your award winning builder, Timeless Homes? We not only design award winning homes, we build them too. Our professional team will work with you and craft a product that matches your budgetary expectations, design requirements and lifestyle, and provide you with a ‘turn-key’ product. Unlike most other builders, we’re happy to work with your sub-contractors. If you’d like to use, for instance, a family member who’s an electrician, that’s fine with us as long as the person is prepared to work to the required standards, our specification and follow our Health and Safety Rules. We have a thorough system in place to ensure that all sub-contractors, even ones not chosen by us, work to our high exacting standards. For the perfect home, we do recommend that you work with us and our highly skilled and professional team.

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Pre-Land-Purchase Advice: If you believe you’ve found the perfect bit of land, to build your dream home then we suggest that you may wish to employ us before your purchase goes unconditional. There are several good reasons for this: The property may have ground conditions that will make your new home’s foundations very expensive. There could be problems with flooding, erosion, access, distance to services, to name but a few. Unfortunately, a PIM or LIM report will sometimes not show these things. Your most important investment could be built on very shaky ground. We therefore recommend that you stipulate, as part of your agreement to purchase, that the purchase is subject to a satisfactory Engineers Report. We will appoint the Engineer on your behalf and use the Engineer’s visit to gather all the information they need to write a report and combine that with all the information we need to provide you with good, unbiased advice as to the suitability of the allotment for your project.

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Price Your Plans – Construction Only: Already have your design sorted? Already have Building Permit Ready plans? Please contact our Pricing Team to price your project. Our quotation will be presented in a clear to understand, detailed spreadsheet format. All pricing will be presented in the standard payment stages as used by all Master Builders.

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Project Management: Own plans, own builder? But, Who’s going to manage the project for you? Chances are – you’ll simply let your builder do it. He or she may need some guidance. Many ‘builders’ are good carpenters but lack the organisational skills to manage a whole project. We can do that for you, ensuring that you only pay for work completed, that all work is completed to a high standard and that work is done to a program ensuring that the project is completed on time.

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Development Planning Liaison: Planning a subdivision? In many parts of New Zealand, it’s possible to create allotments that are perfectly legal, in terms of the local District Plan, but may not be able to accommodate the type of house you’d like to see on your development. This can have a negative impact on what you can sell your sections for and could even result in some sections not selling without having to reduce prices substantially. In many cases, your Planner or Surveyor may not fully appreciate what style of dwelling you’d like to see on your sections. We can assist with your development planning and ensure that you are able to fit the homes you’d like to see in your development. You may find it hard to believe – but we have several times now seen developments that are not able to accommodate the type of homes or even traffic requirements on a lot. Don’t let this happen to you.

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Architectural Guideline Documents: So, you’ve created the perfect subdivision. How do you control what the purchasers of your lots build? Normally, your lawyer will assist you to write up a list of Covenants. We have seen many, very comprehensive Covenants but, this seldom helps to produce a ‘classy’ development. What will guarantee your investment is a detailed Architectural Guideline which is referenced in the covenants. The covenants will say: “The design of the dwelling shall comply with the attached addendum, ‘this development guideline document’ and the design will be verified by Timeless Architecture.” As you sell lots, and when your purchasers build, they then need to comply with the guideline document and our company can (for a small fee) verify that the building complies with the Guideline document. We have substantial experience with drafting these documents and examples can be supplied.

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Free Consultations: We will meet with you, for a free, obligation free meeting, at our offices here in Masterton, or at your home within the Wellington and Wairarapa regions. There’s no time limit on a first meeting, but we find that most first meetings require a time commitment of one to two hours. (Travel charges may apply if you would like to meet further than 15 km from our office or from the Masterton, Carterton, Greytown CBD areas.)

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Free Restoration and / or Renovation Advice: We will meet with you, for a free, obligation free meeting, at your home within the Wellington and Wairarapa regions. There’s no time limit on a first meeting, but we find that most first meetings require a time commitment of one to two hours. (Travel charges may apply if you would like to meet further than 15 km from our office or from the Masterton, Carterton, Greytown CBD areas.)

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