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Designers and Builders, for Timeless Architecture, Timely Construction

Apart from materials for our own house building customers, we stock or manufacture a range of products sought by renovators, enthusiasts and home handymen. If you own an old home, chances are you may need some of these goods or services. If we don’t list what you are looking for, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us and, chances are, if we don’t stock it, we may be able to get it for you.

Wine Cellar Storage – Wine racks – Bottle Maturation




What makes this system special?

1.     Worried about earthquakes? This system is relatively earthquake safe.

2.     Do you have different bottle sizes to store? This system will accommodate any bottle size from 375ml half bottles, 750ml bottles of all descriptions including French Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles, champagne bottles and most bottles up to 1.5l magnum bottles, all the while keeping the various bottle sizes lying more or less horizontal.

3.     Would you like to install yourself? Complete modular and easy to assemble system. Can be sent to you in convenient flat-pack form for easy and cost effective courier delivery.

4.     Worried about cost? Very accurately cut from 18mm ply, making the system strong but cost effective.

5.     Unusual ceiling height? Can be made to suit almost any ceiling height and can be adapted to suit most room widths.

In conjunction with a local joinery firm, we set out to design and build the perfect wine storage system.

The photos show the completed product. Including the boxed storage section, the cost works out to approximately $6,50 per bottle, for the complete system. If there was no boxed storage, i.e. bottle storage only, then we anticipate that costs will be closer to $8.50 per bottle, but this is not an exact figure. Smaller cellars may cost more; larger cellars will obviously be more cost effective. Please contact us with you particular requirements and we will give you a firm quote.

The racking is manufactured from premium grade 17mm Pine plywood, which can be supplied without any stain or varnish, or can be supplied stained, varnished or painted. In this instance, the racking has been varnished using a low VOC penetrating sealer.

We’d be more than happy to give you a supply only or a supply and install quote for your wine storage needs.


Archway ‘corbles’ as originally used under decorative archways from the Entrance Hall of traditional homes to the remainder of the Hallway or Passage.



u-PVC flashings for curved verandas. These flashings can be painted to compliment your home’s roof colour and complete your verandah restoration.



You may have heard some people refer to these things as corbles. These are actually trusses! We all know a truss as a timber or steel construction that supports the roofing on top of our homes, but the original meaning of the word truss is a support. We have original 1910-1912 trusses of which we have taken a latex mould. This means we can cast fibrous plaster copies of these original carved trusses. These are usually used under a decorative arch in the Entrance Hall of a colonial style home. We can even have timber copies carved from the originals so if you’d like timber finish trusses such as these, or plaster copies of the originals, please give us a call. The prices vary depending on quantity ordered and finish, fibrous plaster or real timber and timber type. Complete your restoration with authentic copies of a real 100 year old hand carved truss!

Many colonial style homes have curved verandas. The most common curve is the ‘bullnose’ curve but there are several variations. The biggest problem, when replacing your traditional building’s roof, is not matching the curve of your home’s verandah; but rather replacing the lead corner flashings with flashings that will not corrode your new Colorsteel roofing! We have u-PVC flashings specifically to suit the ‘bullnose’ roof pattern. One advantage of the u-PVC flashing is that it’s a little flexible so it will adjust to different roof sheet radii. Some other suppliers provide fibreglass flashings which are not  nearly as easy to use. We also have options available for ‘draped curve’ or concave verandas and even for ‘complex curve’ verandas, i.e. verandas where the lower part of the curve is ‘bullnose’ and the upper part is concave, as is seen on older Victorian villas the world over.

Solid Brass Door Furniture

Beautiful Italian hand crafted door furniture at prices you won’t believe. Available in polished brass, satin chrome, chrome and antique bronze.



3-D drawings and authentic mouldings

Drawings of authentic mouldings and detailing for old houses.


About 15 years ago, when looking for quality solid brass traditional door furniture, we found a company in Italy who was prepared to ship small quantities. We stock a small selection of their enormous range of quality door furniture, and because we buy directly from the Italian manufacturers, you can have superb quality door furniture for your new home or renovation, from as little as $57.00 per pair, including GST. All handles and knobs are sprung and we stock bathroom privacy sets for many styles.

Our AutoCAD Architecture software allows us to draw very realistic 3-D drawings. We can therefore reproduce any timber profile, moulding or assembly as a CAD 3-D model so that our clients can see the what the product will look like, prior to manufacture. From these 3-D drawings, we can then easily prepare manufacturing drawings and details to make the products you require for your home. Feel free to enquire about any of the profiles or mouldings shown. We can supply countrywide.

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