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Transparent, turnkey pricing: Imagine, if you will: Turning the key and moving in; everything taken care of! With Timeless Homes, we promise that is exactly what will happen, unless of course, you would prefer to do things yourself. That’s right – we can do it all, from turning sod to, well, planting grass. If you would prefer a more hands-on approach, carrying out some work yourself, we will be happy to oblige. So, when looking for a new home designer and builder, our suggestion is pick an experienced New Zealand house builder with transparent pricing structures.


Rates per sq.m: Building costs vary greatly depending on the costs of fittings, fixtures and finishes. We prefer to give indicative prices based upon a ‘Fully Complete’ home, excluding only furniture and drapes. Based upon some traditional homes we’ve designed and priced, here are some indicative rates:


Indicative sq.m rates

 From $/m²


Indicative Square Metre Rates:

Square Metre rates vary depending on numerous factors. Some of these factors are:

  1. Wind, earthquake and snow-loading requirements.
  2. Building size. Smaller buildings have higher sq.m rates than larger buildings.
  3. Building complexity, single or double storey or more floors.
  4. Fittings, fixtures and finishes selection.
  5. Historically correct detailing.
  6. Site conditions, site slope, soil conditions and geotechnical factors.

Variations to indicative rates:

These variations are indicative for average to larger dwelling sizes, situated on average size town lots or on rural lifestyle sections. Each and every site or block is different, so each project can have different prices for these items. We have, by looking at historical data from several projects, arrived at indicative rates for the average home size. Larger homes will generally have lower figures added for these services / materials and smaller homes will have higher amounts added.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades:

Combining at least three out of these eight ‘add-ons’ will provide you with a highly energy efficient home. When clients add these Energy Efficiency Upgrades they typically experience much higher comfort levels in their homes and greatly reduced energy expenditure, especially for heating and cooling costs. It is possible to have up to 75% savings over heating and cooling costs in the average new home, built to or beyond building code requirements. We like to remind customers that Building Code Standard is “pretty standard” and not necessarily that great! We can, and routinely do much better. You really can have a new home and have minimal heating and cooling costs.

Further changes to these rates:

These figures are indicative based upon recent prices calculated for our clients. Some clients prefer to do their own painting. Others may have their own plumber or electrician. We are very flexible and will always work with you to make your dream home a reality, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Dwelling, 2.4m stud height

 $  1,700.00


Dwelling, 2.7m stud height

 $  1,800.00


Dwelling, 3.0m stud height

 $  1,900.00


Covered Verandah

 $     800.00


Open Deck / Paving

 $     500.00



 $     900.00


Variations to rates above

 Add (from) $/m²

Driveways / Paths

 $      35.00


Rural Services

 $    200.00


All Floor Coverings

 $    130.00


All Appliances

 $      35.00


Highly decorative detailing

 $    200.00


Council Consent Fees

 $      20.00


Sustainable hardwood decking

 $    350.00


(To verandah or deck cost only)

 Add (from) $/m²

Dwelling less than 150 sq.m

$    400.00


Dwelling less than 200 sq.m

$    300.00


Windows savings if ventilation

 Deduct (from) $/m²

system is installed

$      20.00


Dwelling larger than 350 sq.m

$    200.00


Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Add (from) $/m²

Thermal Mass Floor

 $    100.00


Photovoltaic Mains  System

 $    140.00


Photovoltaic Battery System

 $    250.00


Solar Water Heating

 $      30.00


N50 Test Compliance

 $      75.00


Cold climate insulation

 $      25.00


Whole house ventilation system

 $      40.00


Ventilation & windows combined

 $      10.00


Further changes to above rates

Deduct (from) $/m²

Painting, External

 $    100.00


These indicative rates include GST. Rates subject to change without notice.

Painting, Internal

 $      90.00


Rates updated June 2015


Of course, all work carried out, by us or by our sub-contractors as part of the construction contract is covered by the Master Builder 10-Year New Home or Alteration and Addition Premium or Classic Guarantee. Our price will be presented to you clearly identifying what is included and what is not. Furthermore, we will actually show you the break-down of staged payments; completely transparent pricing, no hidden extras or exclusions.


We will provide you with a free, all inclusive quotation. Our quotation will be presented in the standard Master Builder Payment Schedule format:

This means, you only pay a 5% deposit and for all other work, you only pay at the completion of that stage of the work.


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Indicative sq.m rate calculations: We have arrived at the above indicative rates by using the following method of calculation. We have added all costs on specific sample projects and from that have deducted all costs not related to the actual building, i.e. landscaping, gates, fences, site services and so forth. We have then looked at the cost of verandahs, terraces and other “non-habitable spaces as a portion of the building costs. This was then deducted out and recorded separately. What remains is the “pure house cost”. This figure was then divided through the sq.m of floor area providing a sq.m rate. By comparing sq.m rates between different projects we were able to calculate minimums, hence the “from” figures above. The same principle was used to calculated the “from” figures for the other variables.



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FREE PHONE 0508 TIMELESS (0508-846-353)

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