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Designers and Builders, for Timeless Architecture, Timely Construction



The not-so-small-print: We reserve the right to alter website and brochure materials without prior notice as part of our commitment to continual product improvement. We design specifically for all our clients. The home designs shown here, while accurate, represents options only. Please talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out how we can make your home building dreams come true, uniquely for you!


Trademarks and Copyright: The Timeless Homes logo is a Registered Trademark and Copyright. The Timeless Homes ‘For Timeless Architecture, Timely Construction’ slogan and ‘4-T Promise’, ‘Timeless Architecture, Transparent Turn-key Pricing, Timely Energy Efficient Construction and Top-Class After-Sales Service’  is a Registered Trademark and Copyright. Use of the logo and logo fonts or any part of the logo, slogan and associated text is subject to copyright. All material on these web pages, including Mark Jerling and/or Timeless Homes designs, electronic files, photographs, drawings and documents are copyright. Any attempt or actual use, alteration, reproduction, wholly or in part, without prior written consent will result in court proceedings. Copyright of any designs remain the copyright of the designer. All material on these web-pages are owned by Timeless Homes Limited or Timeless Holdings Limited except for materials that are subject to copyright of others.


Copyright of others: Logos and some materials on this site are copyright of the Master Builder Federation and has been reproduced with their permission. Master Builder Federation and Master Builder House of the Year competition and award materials and logos and photographs are reproduced with permission of the Master Builder s Association. The Department of Building and Housing Licensed Building Practitioner logo is approved for use by Licensed Practitioner number BP113716 and BP114438. We use Licensed Building Practitioners—always check the LBP Register to ensure your building practitioner is currently licensed.


Google Maps: Links to Google Maps are subject to the Terms of Use of that company. Links to other companies or material on these pages provided by other organisations or companies or mention of other companies or persons do not imply any affiliation with that organisation or company or person.


Organisations structure: Timeless Homes Timeless Architecture is the trading name of Mark Jerling Architectural Design. All Intellectual Property is owned by Timeless Holdings Limited and Timeless Homes Timeless Architecture provide Design Services. Pricing, Project Management and Construction is carried out by D.R. Borman Limited.


Limitations: When accessing links to other sites from these pages you do so at your own risk. Timeless Homes Timeless Architecture will not accept any liability for materials and code on other companies or organisations websites. All floor plans and other drawings and photographs are used for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the final product as designed and or built upon instruction of a particular client. Dimensions on brochure plans are indicative only. Furniture, vehicles and other inclusions on the drawings are not included in the contract price. Timeless Homes Timeless Architecture have taken reasonable care to produce these pages but do not accept liability for any loss, damage or cost associated as result of this information.

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