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21 October 2015


ThermaFilm is a product that makes single glazing almost exactly as energy efficient as many double glazing systems.

Nitto Denko, a Japan based company, has developed a revolutionary product called ThermaFilm, available in New Zealand from TotalHouse Home Energy Solutions.


This is a film that is applied to the inside of existing single glazed windows, in the same way as security films are applied. With up to 40% heating and cooling savings, this is a very clever investment for people with older homes where retrofitting double glazing is an expensive exercise. The benefits are as follows:

         The product increases the thermal performance of an ordinary sheet of glass so that it becomes 95% as efficient as double glazing but at around 50% of the cost.

         Heating costs savings.

         Windows will not break easily, and if a window does break, the pane will remain intact, but cracked in the frame. As result, the house will remain safe and weatherproof and there will not be glass pieces lying all over the place a safety risk.

         The product will block more than 99% of UV radiation, protecting furnishings from sun damage.

         Installation is quick and easy for an approved applicator. An average house can be completed within one day.

         The film is very smooth and transparent so you really wont know its there.

         It comes with a limited Lifetime replacement guarantee.

As you may be aware, the average New Zealand family spends more than a third of their power bill simply heating their home. A product like this will help to reduce that spending, with savings of 40% possible. This obviously is looking at averages. If you have a home with large single glazed glazing areas, the saving can be higher.


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